A great haircut begins with a great consultation. We do a consultation to find out what exactly the client is looking for, offer suggestions and professional advice, and come up come to a joint decision about the most suitable haircut.

IMG_8946_crop.jpgAt Norkobe's Beauty Inc., we listen to our client's needs and give them exactly what they ask for. We offer classic and trendy cuts to suit all face shapes.

Getting regular trims helps to get rid of dry, damaged and split ends which can work their way up the shaft of your hair causing even more damage. A trim is defined as removing ¼ to ½ inch of hair, nothing more. If your stylist insists on cutting off inches of hair every time you go in for a visit, your hair won't get longer. Visit us at Norkobes Beauty where you will find professionals who understands exactly how much hair you need removed. Depending on the chemicals you have in your hair as well as your daily routine, you may need a trim anywhere from every six weeks to six months. The better you care for your hair on a day-to-day basis, the less often you'll need trims.